Air conditioning

Brisbane Air Conditioning Installations

We design, Install and Service your Airconditioning system!

Varying from a simple split system to fully ducted installations, home owners are assured of a stress free, cost effective and high quality experience when dealing with us. Installing air conditioning in a property will not only make it more comfortable, but will also increase the value of your home.

Recognised for delivering a peace of mind service, with the promise of “Quality without Compromise”, we work with a number of loyal clients who have enjoyed the benefits of using our services in a number of homes.

 We take pride in supplying our valued clients the most suitable equipment and solution for your needs. At VE-Electrical we arm our clients with as much information as possible to ensure you make an informed air conditioning decision. This includes the following:

  • Which brand, product and system are best suited?
  • What is the most effective air conditioning layout and design?
  • Which is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly system available?
  • Which zoning and controls package is most suitable?
  • Which supply air grills would be the most effective and aesthetically pleasing for each room design?
  • What electrical works are required for the air conditioning installation?
  • Post installation maintenance contracts to ensure continued efficiency of system maximising your investment’s lifespan.

The decision to invest in a new Airconditioning system is a big one and all clients need to be comfortable with the company being selected to supply and install as well as service and maintain their equipment.



Here at Volt Edge we offer a complete service to our valued clients which includes Maintenance and Service.

With a team of qualified and experienced Technicians, fully electronic job management systems and a team of Service Coordinators waiting to assist clients, we have the systems and specialised personnel available to deliver the total service and maintenance solution.

To know more about the Ve-Electrical, please visit here.