Data Cabling Installation

Data Cable Installation Service In Northgate

VE-Electrical specialise in all data cable installation service in northgate, bringing our expertise to surrounding areas across Brisbane. We can provide an array of Ethernet data cabling services that include installation of new cabling, repairs and maintenance using Cat 5 or Cat6. We also provide phone line installation and maintenance as well as all your TV cabling and Antenna needs!

These days, just about everything around your home utilises Ethernet technology which is dependent on the ability to connect via data cabling in most cases where wireless technology is not a viable option.

You might require our data cabling services for the below:

  • Connect your new console to your home internet connection.
  • Connect your new home solar system inverter back to your hard wired monitoring station or home internet connection.
  • Extend your home or small office LAN.
  • CCTV data cabling installation services back to your LAN/interne
    t connection/central monitoring station.
  • Data Wall socket installation and relocation for phone and modem (also great for netflix).

We also perform business and commercial data cabling installations & design. Book our data cabler technician today.

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