PLC & SCADA Installations

PLC and SCADA systems play a vital role in the modern industrial and automation environment. From the individual PLC controlling a discrete plant to a site wide integrated PLC and SCADA system VE-Electrical is able to provide a total PLC and/or SCADA system solution. PLC Installation in Northgate Volt Edge has a wide range of hands-on PLC and SCADA expertise and has performed projects utilising most major PLC and SCADA vendor’s equipment.

VE-Electrical is involved in all aspects of PLC and SCADA projects including:

Provision of Consultant Advice.

  • Project development
  • Design standards (automation, control concepts, protection, instrumentation, redundancy, architecture, IT security, graphics, alarms, etc)
  • Performance standards & requirements
  • Control room requirements
  • PLC/SCADA integration
  • Specification preparation and analysis
  • Alarm analysis and reduction

PLC/SCADA Project Implementation.

  • Project Management
  • Hardware supply and installation
  • Network and communication systems design
  • Plant information technology design and setup
  • Functional design, configuration, testing, commissioning and tuning
  • Electrical systems engineering including power and cabling systems design
  • Instrumentation and field equipment
  • Documentation and training
  • Automation level improvements

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