Solar Installation Brisbane

Save Money on Energy Costs with Solar Installation in Brisbane

With a solar installation in Brisbane you can to not only save money on energy bills but reduce your carbon footprint which benefits not only your wallet but the planet as well. VE Electrical has the knowledge and skills to install solar panels and batteries allowing you to reduce energy consumption and monthly power bills. Hiring experienced electricians is the best way to achieve this goal, and our electricians have the experience to get you up and running.

Problems Solar Power Installation in Brisbane Addresses

Greenhouse gases have been shown to negatively affecting the planet creating climate changes that affect every aspect of nature. Reducing your carbon footprint by installing solar panels on your home will aid in slowing global warming and the reduction of ice at the poles.

  • Hiring a solar electrician in Brisbane is the first step in helping the planet maintain temperatures and reducing further damage to the ecosystem. Our electricians understand how solar power works and can design a system that works for your needs.
  • Our solar panel installers in Brisbane start by addressing your concerns and develop a plan that not only offers benefits to the planet but your bank account as well. While the initial cost is may be high, there are tax advantages which will save you money with the installation.
  • You have the option to live off the grid or stay connected and receive local benefits by feeding excess power to the grid during the day and accessing it for use during overnight hours. Your electrician can explain these benefits to you at the initial appointment.

What You Can Expect from VE Electrical Regarding Solar Installation in Brisbane

Our certified electricians receive continual training and testing to ensure you receive the best products and services available.

  • We offer only high quality solar panels to you, so you are assured they will last and require minimal maintenance.
  • We consider many factors when designing a solar package specifically for you. We look at the building materials of your home, the size and position of your roof including trees in the vicinity that could affect the amount of sunlight the panels receive, and the age of your appliances and energy efficiency of your lighting. We also consider your current power tariffs to provide you with the most economical system for your needs.
  • We offer solar repairs in Brisbane for existing and new solar panel systems to keep your system functioning efficiently to provide the necessary power for your needs.

Why You Should Use VE Electrical

We are certified by the Clean Energy Council which offers you the confidence that you are receiving reliable advice and service. If solar isn’t the best option for your needs due to the placement of your roof or shade issues, we’ll let you know so you don’t waste time and money on something that won’t provide the benefits you’re seeking.

Our honesty and commitment to excellent customer service provide you with an informative choice when it comes to power needs. Contact us for more information on our solar installation or book an appointment to see if solar power will work for your home.